Darwin Forever is an initiative of two young children Mathilde (8 years) and Nicolas (5 years) to help the animals of the refuges and animals of the homeless. Their actions include:

  • Explain their movement and encourage people to donate blankets, food, toys etc for animals of the refuges and of the homeless.
  • Create posters for donations and raising awareness, deposit these posters in stores.
  • Collect donations and distribute to refuges and to associations and in the street for homeless 
  • Seek sponsors (food, toys.. ), find partners for collecting points, make calls for donations.
  • Carry out awareness towards animals with their school friends and sports clubs.


By a cruel absence! Darwin, their beloved dog, their faithful 4-legged companion, their confidant ... who grew up with them and who left too soon in the Paradise of dogs following a cancer. It was the 16th of October, 2016.








 During this painful period we multiplied the visits to the Refuge to bring a little warmth and love to the unfortunate cats and dogs. During a visit to the "Refuge de l'Espoir" in Mougins, Mathilde and Nicolas played ball for an hour with a dog who was behind the gate. Mathilde had an idea and in a very determined way she said she would like to help all the animals that are in distress ... and the same evening she started making drawings of dogs, cats awaiting adoption with messages to adopt them!



Darwin, a beautiful mix between Labrador and Rottweiller, was recovered at 2 months in the sewers by the firemen, he was placed at Refuge Duflos in Antibes. We adopted him at the age of 4 months. He grew up with Mathilde and Nicolas. Inseparable, he accompanied us everywhere hotel, restaurant, train and even the hairdressers !! He left us, he was eight and a half.