Operation "Christmas gift basket"




In the continuity of blanket collection, one morning, Nicolas told us: "The covers are not enough, it's soon Christmas, we need to make Christmas gift basket with a blanket and a toy for each cat and dog!"

Their challenge for Christmas was launched: bring a Christmas basket ūüéĀ: A cover and A toy to all the dogs & cats of Refuge de¬†l'espoir in Mougins / SPA.

Why Refuge de l'espoir in Mougins? During the difficult time that followed Darwin's death, Mathilde and Nicolas visited this refuge and played ball with a dog through the grills of the cage and it lasted nearly an hour . And this was the revelation for them, as they were leaving the shelter, they were determined to help these distressed animals of the refuge "on their scale".
Like two Elfs, they went to ask for help from family, relatives, schoolmates, sports clubs and shops.

Mathilde helped by her little brother went to classes to explain her their movement, and asked to help her make Christmas decoration for the shelter. The two kindergartens and elementary schools accepted and created Christmas posters for the shelter and Christmas balls to decorate all animal cages.























A big thank you to the Directors nursery and elementary school.

A special thanks to the team of Arlette, responsible for the animation of the school, Guillaume, Michel, Hasiba, Tysiana, Amandine, Cérine and Hayet for organizing and supervising these actions.

Congratulations to all the children !!


The store 'Villaverde Antibes' agreed to participate in the operation and gave the children 100 toys for the dogs & cats of the refuge.

And it was a success: more than a hundred blankets were collected, the 100 toys for each dog and cat of the shelter and there were 25 adoptions after the operation!











Distribution of blankets, covers, toys... for animals of the Refuge SOS Foyers elderly dogs in St. Vallier de Thiey 06



Distribution of blankets, covers and foods... for animals of homeless people